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Ascend exists to help restore hope in the lives of Fresno teenagers affected by mental health conditions. Our goal at Ascend is to help restore healthy neuropsychological "brain" functioning in each teen we serve. In doing so, we strive to not only reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions, but to help our teens start a journey towards healing and wholeness. We know that quality psychological care can be very difficult to find. When you or a loved one is suffering, trying to understand and navigate the broken mental health system in our country is daunting. We are here to provide hope in your time of suffering by being a beacon of hope and a path towards healing. Let us help you begin your journey today!



At Ascend, we know that those struggling with mental health conditions sometimes have periods of life when things get especially difficult. Often times, when that happens, teens need more help than usual. When life begins to feel unmanageable, our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) will help you find the peace and stability you need to get things back on track.


Ascend’s IOP offers the highest quality adolescent mental health care available. Our expertly designed curriculum, combined with the knowledge and experience of our therapists, gives you the skills and tools you need to succeed in life. We are passionate about helping our patients, even those who have struggled with therapy by other psychologists or psychiatrists in the past.


Our IOP meets four times per week, for three hours each session. During this time, teens meet in a group setting with a highly skilled therapist. The first half of each session focuses on learning. Topics may include learning about mental health symptoms, learning about coping skills and how to use them, learning how to understand and control emotions, learning about relationships and how to navigate them, and more. Following the learning portion of each session, the focus of group becomes the application of learning. This is when teens are able to share their experiences and struggles, with the guidance of a trained therapist and the support of their peers, and apply what they are learning to their life. This combination of learning and application allows teens to solidify what they have learned when they return to school, home, peer groups, and the community. 



In addition to regular group therapy, our IOP involves teens meeting weekly with a therapist for one one on sessions. These therapy sessions allow the teen the time and space to work more intensely with a therapist on their concerns. Often times, a teen in our IOP program will supplement their program with family therapy, allowing the parents and/or family unit to be involved in the treatment process. Finally, teens occasionally need assistance with outside resources during the course of their treatment. Our therapists are here to assist you with any case management needs you may have - interfacing with the school system, the courts, etc. 


For those needing more traditional outpatient services like individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, or psychological assessments, we offer those as well. Typically outpatient sessions are once per week, meeting with a therapist to discuss any concerns or problems you may have. Often times, teens graduating from Ascend’s IOP will transition into ongoing weekly therapy (individual and/or family therapy) to continue their growth and development.

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Who We Serve

It is Ascend’s mission to serve Fresno teens who are struggling with mental health conditions. Often times we serve those who need more help and assistance than their school, outpatient therapist, or families can support. When things get especially difficult in life, Ascend is here to be your beacon of hope. 


Typically, teens that find their home at Ascend are struggling with anxiety and/or depression. We often see that teens don’t present with “adult” symptoms of these disorders. They may be irritable and acting out, moody and argumentative, isolating and pushing others away, engaging in self-harm, using drugs or alcohol, or not seeming like themselves. When these concerns are present and they are interfering with school, family life, or friendships, it’s time to consider enrolling in Ascend’s Intensive Outpatient Program


While we are happy to help assess and refer, often times teens who are actively psychotic, have a developmental disorder, or have a severe eating disorder are better suited for programs who serve these specific disorders. 

Intensive Outpatient Program FAQ

Do you accept Medi-Cal, Medicare, or TRICARE?

No, we do not accept Medi-Cal, Medicare, or TRICARE. All other insurances are accepted.

Do you do offer just individual therapy

Typically, we do not do one-on-one therapy with for new patients. We focus specifically on intensive outpatient programming in group settings. Patients have the option of continuing in individual therapy once they complete IOP.

Do you have a psychiatrist

Yes, but only for those enrolled in our IOP or PHP.



Dr. Matthew Tatum

President / CEO

Dr. Matthew Tatum received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology. Early in his career, he played a key role in helping develop two integrated behavioral health departments for Federally Qualified Health Centers in Fresno County. In 2015 he assumed the Executive Director role at a drug and alcohol treatment center, developing the program into the county’s largest private drug and alcohol treatment center. Expanding services such as this is a passion and life’s work for Dr. Tatum. His goal for Ascend is to expand services to adolescents in the entire Central Valley and be able to provide high quality care for all those in need.

Our History

    Ascend was formed with the mission of alleviating the suffering of adolescents in the Central Valley. Our vision is to provide the highest quality, affordable care to teens who are struggling with mental health conditions. Ascend is a locally owned and operated company. All of our board members have a long standing history in the community we serve. We are all passionate about seeing our community flourish. It has been devastating to watch the effects of untreated mental health conditions in our community. Fresno has long been underserved in the area of mental health. We exist to help people struggling with mental health conditions get the care and treatment they deserve, so they can live the life to the fullest. 



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