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If you are looking for family counseling services in Fresno, CA, look no further than Ascend Behavioral Health. Our mission is to serve the Fresno area with high-quality care for teens and families. We use our longstanding experience to work with teens and their families to help bring healing and hope. Through family therapy, our therapists can include everyone in the treatment process, so everyone has the tools and knowledge to succeed. Whether your teen is struggling with substance abuse or depression, or excessive worry, our therapists can provide more information on the symptoms and how to minimize their effects. To learn more about our family counseling sessions in Fresno, CA, contact Ascend Behavioral Health today. 


You are financially responsible for all cost not covered by your insurance, i.e. deductible, co-insurance, co-pay.
The amount you pay for your covered health care before your plan begins to pay. After the deductible has been met, then you share cost of services based on your plan’s co-insurance percentage until your maximum out-of-pocket amount has been met. After all financial responsibility has been met, then, your plan will cover at 100% for services through the rest of your plan year.
Your deductible would be expected when you start treatment. However, any out-of-pocket costs will be billed to you after claims have processed. From there you can make payment arrangements over the phone, send a check via mail, or set up a payment plan if needed.
We bill per day. You will only be responsible for days you attend.

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