Teen Behavioral Health in Fresno County

Ascend Behavioral Health is a Fresno County Behavioral Health facility that gives hopes to teens struggling with anxiety. Anxiety presents itself in many ways, but some common symptoms are excessive worrying, restlessness, and insomnia. Our goal is to help teens who are displaying these symptoms through our Intensive Outpatient Program. We teach teens how to cope and give them the skills they need to succeed. If you're searching for mental health facilities in Fresno County for your teen, call Ascend Behavioral Health today. 

Ascend Mental Health Teen Therapy in Fresno

Who We Serve

It is Ascend’s mission to serve teens who are struggling with mental health conditions. Often times we serve those who need more help and assistance than their school, outpatient therapist, or families can support. When things get especially difficult in life, Ascend is here to be your beacon of hope. 


Typically, teens that find their home at Ascend are struggling with anxiety and/or depression. We often see that teens don’t present with “adult” symptoms of these disorders. They may be irritable and acting out, moody and argumentative, isolating and pushing others away, engaging in self-harm, using drugs or alcohol, or not seeming like themselves. When these concerns are present and they are interfering with school, family life, or friendships, it’s time to consider enrolling in Ascend’s Intensive Outpatient Program. 


While we are happy to help assess and refer, often times teens who are actively psychotic, have a developmental disorder, or have a severe eating disorder are better suited for programs who serve these specific disorders.